Dr. Frank Lattarulo

Dr. Frank Lattarulo had joined the Phelps Medical Associates.

Covering all aspects of medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle. This includes routine podiatric services and treatment of common conditions such as:
Removal of corns, calluses and warts , relief from heel pain, ingrown toenails
bunions hammer toes, and more.

Located in Elmsford, New York, Family Podiatry Associates has been serving Westchester since 1989. Dr. Frank Lattarulo, a third generation practitioner, has headed the operation since its inception. Family Podiatry Associates was opened in 1989, and recently joined with Phelps Medical Associates. Dr. Lattarulo's office includes a fully operational operating room suite for out patient surgical procedures.

Treatment for Diabetes and wound healing are performed at The Diabetes and Metabolic Healing Center At Phelps Memorial Hospital Campus at 755 N. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY.Podiatric Medicine in general also encompasses a great deal of what's considered "Routine Foot Care"- (the cutting of corns, calluses, ingrown nails, etc.). Dr. Lattarulo learned that part of his practice from his father, who has been in practice since 1952 when that's all Podiatrists were allowed, by law, to do. There is no substitute for almost 50 years of practical application. Dr. Emil Lattarulo's father was also a Physician (an Obstetrician), so Dr. Frank Lattarulo is a 3rd generation doctor. Medicine has always been in the family and that is one reason he takes so much pride in his work.

Dr. Frank J. Lattarulo, DPM, Diplomate American Board of Foot Surgeons, Podiatric Medicine & Foot Surgery

(914) 345- 3400


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Dr. Lattaruloon a medical recovery mission to Haiti to treat hundreds of victims, mostly children,